Wednesday, July 22, 2009


These cards almost created themselves last Saturday at Peggy Black's Collage Class. Please leave me your comments.
Do you feel the energy of each card?
What does it bring up for you?
What do the images or backgrounds represent?

Thank you,
Blessings, Chris

Monday, July 20, 2009

I am the One who Listens to the Ancient Ones

She hears my calling
Connected to ancient roots
We are truly one

I am the One who Joyfull Holds the World

With great joy and love
She embraces the whole world
Peace and joy abound

I am the One who Holds the Space

Am I part of you
Wise woman with gentle heart
Holding space for all

I am the One who Tends the Path

Grace on bended knee
Tending to the earthly path
Enlightenment soon

I am the One who Prays in the Morning

Lifting hearts upward
In the quiet morning dew
Goddess hears me pray

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Starting 2009 RIGHT!

Here are some pics of our collaborative work! My hubby and I compliment each other's talents. I "can't draw" and he "can't paint"!

This is our first one we created last fall. I created an image in photoshop, then he rendered it on the canvas, then I painted the image. We feel it turned out fabulous. I've made and sold prints as well as greeting cards. Our goal is to create 12 of them this year to make into a calendar.

So, we're on vacation at Avila Beach and yesterday he went to work again! AMAZING! you can see my first renderings on the computer screen in the corner. I pulled together several images and fit them into a square frame. I love how the "running off the canvas" seems to pull you right into the picture. Mostly, I am truly AMAZED at my honey's talent! Later today, I'll lay in the color... still not sure if we want to go sky blue in the upper right, or a mix like the first angel canvas.

He is really AMAZING!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A weekend's work

So, here are the pictures I was about to take yesterday when Persephone made her get-away. Done! 56 Holiday Dominoes, now waiting pretty ribbons.

.Customers in the shop love these little charms.... they fly out the door! (hint: I'm looking for/needing more dominoes!) Done! Dozens of greeting cards and notes made from Vintage Postcards of my town of Boulder Creek.
This is one of my customer's favorites... the old swimming hole taken in the 60's! It's a scan of an actual photograph.
Well, this one doesn't show up so great here, photographed and reduced... but I spent many hours playing with this almost all black and white postcard from 1910, looking down at Boulder Creek in the old days. Photoshop helped me make a blue sky and green up the Redwood mountains some.

Done! a set of greeting cards: the "Elder Artist", and "Good Morning, this is God...."

Done! well, this was an idle time creation, a set of Mother Mary tags

So, it was a productive and fun weekend in my studio! What were you up to?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things that move in the night!

Have you ever gone into your studio area and wondered "how did that get there?" Well, I started off this morning snapping pictures of my recent work to share here... and heard a noise from above. There, perched high atop, was Persephone doing her morning stretch after I had so unceremoniously switched on the blinding light which so rudely woke her! Just at that moment....

What does she hear? In a room down the hall,Grandpa is dishing out breakfast for all four kitties!

She quickly surveys her possible exit routes.

Shall she try going this way?

Will this support my weight? I'm sooo hungry!Hmmm, I dunno know..... I'm certainly not a "Fraidy Kat"One.... Two.... THREE! GO FOR IT!
The aftermath.... oh well, Grandma will clean up the mess!
The "After-Glow"....
Moments later.....
ahhh, breakfast!
Would you PURRRLESE! get that camera outa here!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Encaustic Works (painted with wax)

Here are some examples of the work I did in encaustics -hot wax. I love working with that medium, especially with the capacity to embed right into the hot wax.

This first one was done on a piece of fence board that my husband sanded down for me. I was able to embed vintage rosary beads, photos, holy cards, etc.

This next one is on a piece of Redwood fence board. Here I put down a layer of clear wax, then a photocopy of one of my favorite paintings (by me), on top of that I embedded the image of Holy Mary from a holy card. I mixed some colors into my wax and extended the greens, etc. onto the wood, drizzling additional wax around the borders. It was so fun to place her into a painting I did in the 1980's!

I created this one at a class that San Francisco's Center for the Book held last year. Got to play with some of their colors. There are layers of photos, vintage doilies and misc. papers also. There is some text right under the wax in the middle, but the camera didn't pick that up. I added the hardware embellishments at home.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Back in my studio again! HOORAY!

Ok, ok.... I hereby promise to keep this blog going! Thank you Art & Soul friends who encouraged me to keep up with this! I've been creating, just not posting much. I spend an hour each morning reading my favorite blogs... so here's my commitment to stay current. I'm also going to post my favorite blogs (soon as I figure out how) for you all to enjoy as well!

This week I've included several of my recent journal creations. I keep at least four journals going all the time, my Letters to God/Thankfulness journal at night; an idea journal to write fabulous ideas and sketches; an inspirational journal where I keep my book/study notes; and my morning journal which is a remnant of Morning Pages, where I write about my goals for the day. Opps, I have a couple other journals, but will share about them somewhere down the line.

I've listed these in my Etsy shop so check them out!